Tuesday, October 13, 2009

NASA to BLAST Moon with Kinetic Bomb

With all the information that has recently been disclosed regarding alien bases on the back side of the moon, it makes one wonder if we asked for anyone's permission to bomb the moon for any reason. Have you been asked by your state officials? I have not!
It's evident that NASA doesn't have full confirmation of the moon's interior composition at this time, if they did then the presence of water would have already been detected long ago. Their is obviously a cause for concern, should the series of blasts effect a change in the elliptical forces which guide our tidal ocean flows, the Earth's seas could lose their natural cycles; resulting in massive sea life disruption.
Here's the plan: NASA stated it plans two missle impacts that will excavate some 500 metric tons of lunar material and begin the search for a long-frozen water source.
The project will also examine the moon's mineral makeup. An accompanying probe, the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO), will spend at least a year creating the most minutely detailed map of the moon's surface ever seen by staying at an orbit of about 50km - the closest continual lubar orbit of any spacecraft.
LRO's $US500 million ($A630.91 million) mission is designed to provide NASA with maps of unprecedented accuracy, which will be crucial for scoping out possible landing sites for astronauts.
In space, we need to always by our behavior, present a message that we are a peaceful cautious responsible people who consider the potential presence of life before we act. Bombing the interior of a Moon crater when we do not know for sure what is down there is incredibly rash, just plain wrong, and does not fit this message. Is it possible that this scientific event is disguised by another hidden agenda? In this video Sgt., Karl Wolf, USAF, Air Tactical Command gives his findings that alien based on the moon are well documented by the government.If there is in fact an alien base on the moon, we hope that they have been informed and agree with NASA on behalf of the human race to drop a 2-ton kinetic weapon in the aim of creating a 5 mile wide deep crater. If not advised this so called scientific event could in be disguised as Earth's first interplanetary war!

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